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Universal Group was located at Wisma Huazong Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, establish more then 20 years, mainly business in Education, transportation and trading as well.
The main goal of educational corporation “Universal Education Group” as a associate of Higher, Secondary and Primary educational institutions and public organizations is to create a unique integrated environment accumulation of knowledge, competencies and skills to prepare demanded specialists in various fields based on creativity, maternal-technical, financial and organizational resources.
Universal Education Group is a Malaysian based company founded in 2002 by Dato’ Dr. Joseph Wang who has 20 years’ of experience in education. Our group has expanded from a learning centre to an education organization comprising of Private and International school to Tertiary education with increasing enrollment of students up to 5000 students.

环球集团成立20年业务涵盖教育、运输及贸易领域,并坐落在马来西亚吉隆坡宏伟的华总大厦。 秉持着成人成才的理念,环球集团成立了教育公司完成“普及教育集团”作为高等教育、高中教育、小学教育及幼教机构和公共教育组织,主要目标是创造一个独特的综合环境积累的知识,能力和技能,以准备各个领域的专家,具备创造力,母语教育,财务和组织资源。

Meet Our Fabulous Team

Dato Seri Ang-wt

Dato’ Seri Ang Lai Hee

Chairman of Universal Group

Welcome to Universal Group’s website. I am both delighted and honored to introduce myself as the Chairman of Universal Group, to lead and manage educational institutions, to contribute to nurturing the capabilities of each student to strive for personal excellence.


Dato’ Dr. Joseph Wang Ai Chnua

Chief Executive Officer of Universal Group

Warmest greetings and welcome as you explore the website of Universal Group. Universal Group is established with aims to provide affordable yet proven high quality education programmes to students through our clients. With 20 years of experience in education, we have led many education institutions to outstanding judgments.